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Alles Bags For The Win

Posted by The Notorious Pug on 9/6/2016

Alles Bags For The Win

Remember a few months ago when I introduced you guys to the most amazing vegan leather bags? You know the one you never knew you needed until you saw it... because it's absolutely genius! The detachable section for ease of carrying delicate things may have been the best fashion staple to come my way in a long time. 


Well, good news! Alles Bags also offers practical and trendy camera bags for all my blogger and photography friends. It took me weeks to bite the bullet and invest in my first DSLR and now I will do anything to protect it. Hence- this awesome bag. They come in difference sizes depending on your camera/accessories and have pockets and dividers for all your camera necessities. It is easy to travel with and comes equipped with a cross body strap and rain protection. 


Your going to have to check these out for yourself! OH! And even more good news- Alles bags as extended the promo code ALYSSA until Halloween soo hurry up and get yours today!