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Care Guidelines

Care Guidelines:

 We highly recommend the use of a good suede/leather protector to maintain the appearance and quality of your bag. Keep any light colored and suede bags away from dark “bleeding” garments like dark wash jeans or wet clothes. Leather bags do not get along with greasy lotions, oils and hot drink spills. If your bag gets wet dry it off as much as possible and let it air dry – do not ever put it in the clothes dryer or microwave! Some remaining stains can be gently rubbed out with a leather “eraser”. We enclose an “Alles drawstring dust bag” with each purse so you can keep dust away. Use a soft brush (e.g. baby hair brush) to remove any dust or pet hair, no wire or hard nylon bristles please.

If your bag needs cleaning bring it to a professional dry cleaner that specializes in treating leather. His services should be cheaper than a new bag.

 Please note: Differences and variations in color of leather are due to Mother Nature and the various production processes. Each bag will be unique!