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Footwear News Interview

Posted by on 6/5/2016 to News
Footwear News Interview

Alles Bags Releases Range For Toting And Protecting Shoes

alles originals shoes handbags vegan
Alles Originals handbags are designed with compartments that protect footwear. Pictured: Bianca handbag, $169.

Women on the go now have a hygienic and fashionable solution to carrying around an extra pair of shoes.

Alles Originals handbags are designed with special compartments that protect and maintain the quality of footwear.

Speaking to Footwear News, brand founder Steffie Price said that the concept was entirely pragmatic.

“Several women admit to keeping their odorous and dirty shoes in a grocery bag in their handbag amongst their wallet, makeup, snacks and other essentials,” Price explained.

alles originals shoes handbags vegan leatherAlles Originals’ Heather handbag, $119.Courtesy

The line — which launched earlier this year — includes six vegan leather handbags.

Among some of the features, the bags have zip-off boxes with ventilation holes to help air out the shoes and keep moisture away, and interior and exterior compartments.

A water-resistant nylon drawstring bag is included to prevent dirt from getting on the handbag.

The collection accommodates high heels, sneakers and flat shoes, available on the brand’s website for under $200.

alles originals shoes handbags veganAlles Originals’ Jessica handbag, $179.Courtesy

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