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SheFinds Talks About How Alles Bags Are a Must For Commuters

Posted by on 6/2/2016
SheFinds Talks About How Alles Bags Are a Must For Commuters

This Is What Commuters Really Need (It's Not Comfy Shoes!)

I’m a commuter. There I said it–my dirty little secret. Why is it a secret? Because commuting is just not cool. It has zero cache. Think about when you hear the words “commuter shoes”–you immediately think of some middle aged women wearing stockings with dirty tennis sneakers.

But since I’m not a regular commuter, I’m a *cool* commuter, I am constantly trying to find ways to make traveling 60 miles to work a cute look. Comfortable shoes are a must–yes–but so is a great bag. And I just found the best one!

I was listening to the radio (yes, I live in the ‘burbs people!) and Bethany Watson of Elvis Duran just put this Alles Bag in her trending report. It has a detachable bottom part for holding shoes:

This is genius. I hate feeling like bag lady when I commute, and this totally simplifies/solves that.

Alles Bags – Bianca in Midnight Black ($169)

You don’t have to carry a separate tote bag for your shoes–you just zip them in to the bottom of the cool leather backpack. The bag itself is convertible from a backpack to a handbag, too–love it!

So tell me fellow commuters–will you be getting one?