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The Girl Boss Who Is Making Bags For Girls On The Go

Posted by Miranda Feneberger on 9/4/2016
The Girl Boss Who Is Making Bags For Girls On The Go

It’s a struggle many women face: finding a bag that looks good but is also practical enough to hold the stuff that the different phases of our lives require. Sometimes we need to bring our gym clothes to the office, or we have a nice dinner plan but no time to change out from our school clothes – that’s where Alles Bags comes in.

The brand is the brainchild of mother/daughter duo Antje and Steffie Price. Steffie has been modeling since age thirteen, and she realized that the perfect bag didn’t really exist – one that could hold her shoes, portfolio, and everyday stuff! After a strangely coincidental run-in on a cross-country flight, she got in touch with me about these bags and I told her I’d love to see one in action, and as you can imagine, they’re wonderful. Many of their bags are ultra-convertible, featuring detachable structured shoe boxes, adjustable straps and handles, and easy backpack conversion. I have been using one for almost a month now, and I’m obsessed, as you’ll know if you follow me on Instagram.

Steffie was lovely enough to chat with me a little about the brand itself, and what she thinks makes the bags so unique.

Co-founder Steffie Price

HV: What inspired you to create Alles Bags? 

Co-founder, Steffie Price: My lifestyle as a traveling model. Having sometimes up to 15 appointments in one day, my handbag basically had to hold my life – that being my heels, portfolio, makeup, tablet, snacks, and more. I could never find a bag that could hold everything I needed in a stylish and functional way so I sought out to create my own.

What’s it working on the brand with your mom?

It’s perfect because I trust her more than anyone! When I first had the idea for the bags I didn’t want to tell anyone for fear that they might steal the concept – so I went to my mom and we worked on it in secret for four years – only our closest family and friends knew about it until we launched. My mom also has several years of experience running her own business so it’s great to have her to show me the ropes.

Founders Antje and Steffie Price

What’s your favorite bag you’ve designed? 

My favorite is the Jessica bag. It’s funny because it was one of my least favorite bags initially – I thought it turned out way too big! But after using it myself I fell in love – I use it for castings, to pack picnics, and as a carry on when I’m traveling.

The "Jessica
The “Jessica” in Beige & Cognac
The "Jessica"
The “Jessica” in Beige & Cognac
The "Jessica"
The “Jessica” in Beige & Cognac

Who were some of your artistic inspirations during the design process?

We were inspired by Picasso and Piet Mondrian for their focus on geometric shapes. We also focused a lot on color theory and minimalism.

These bags are a busy girl’s dream.

I had the chance to test out a couple of the bags, thanks to the wonderful ladies at Alles Bags, and I found them to be such great quality, and truly utilitarian. All of their bags are made of vegan leather, and they come with adjustable straps in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors.

My personal favorite was the Annika. It’s a roomy tote with two large pockets on either side which can fit a pair of shoes each. My 13″ MacBook Air also fits in the bag. it has two side handles, and an adjustable strap that makes for super easy carrying.

The “Annika” in Black & Sand
The “Annika” in Black & Sand

I also got to try out a couple of their signature convertible bags. The Jessica, pictured up at the top, is a gorgeous bag with a structured detachable shoe compartment – one of the brand’s signature features. The Reneé is a larger bag with a zippered top (rather than the Jessica’s hard frame), and I got to check it out in two gorgeous shades.

The “Reneé” in Lipstick Red & Black

Its trendy bowler style is super cute while also being totally functional.

The “Reneé” in Warm Cognac worn as a backpack
The “Reneé” in Warm Cognac details

Usually I don’t cover products on the site in this way, but I think this brand is doing something awesome. Their bags are ethically produced, meaning the factories in which they are produced provide their employees with fair wages and pleasant working conditions.

The bags retail around the $100 mark, so they’re comparable to a mid-range designer bag. I think that fast fashion is something we as consumers need to start being more conscious of – buying from smaller businesses who really care about the way their products are made ensures us that we can feel good about the things we’re investing in. The bags are all made using vegan leather as well, so no animals were harmed in the process, which is great.

These bags are so useful for women and men on the go. They are practical, good quality, durable, and so stylish. There are colors and styles to fit a variety of tastes, and I haven’t put mine down since I’ve started using it. I think these could be great for new moms to use as diaper bags, for athletes to store sneakers & gym gear, for working girls to keep their heels and laptop, for artists, MUAs, or anyone who needs a little more room and durability than the average bag provides. Plus, they’re absolutely adorable!

Check out Alles Bags on their website and on Instagram.

This post was not sponsored by Alles Bags, but the bags were provided for free to test out, and the brand so kindly allowed me to keep the Annika bag I fell in love with.

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